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Rex Parker and The New York Times Crossword

Rex Parker

Rex Parker and The New York Times Crossword Puzzle

The daily followers of the New York Times crossword puzzles count among their devoted members such celebrities and public figures as former President Bill Clinton, Comedy Central host Jon Stewart and Metropolitan opera star Beverly Sills. Rex Parker crossword puzzles But perhaps the most talked about solver of the famed puzzle is an otherwise little known associate professor of English at Binghamton University, Michael Sharp.

The 40 year old Sharp, known better by his nom de plume, Rex Parker, has gained notoriety for his daily blogs and commentary on the Times puzzle, providing entertainment that has developed an almost cult-like following.rex crossword puzzles It’s safe to say that, in some quarters, his reviews have become even more popular than the puzzle itself.

Known as the King of the Cross World, Parker works the online version of the puzzle (sometimes in under four minutes) and posts his daily commentary on his blog by 9 AM. Devotees marvel at his insightful, often amusing observations on such topic-related subjects as grids, clueing, themes and fills. Rex crossword puzzles To many, his expertise is not unlike an esteemed art expert’s critique of a masterpiece, often drawing as many “oohs and ahhs” as the actual work. He has a unique way of providing answers to clues that regularly “stump” the majority of readers that is not only informative but thought-provoking and wildly entertaining.

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Rex Parker

Parker (or Sharp) is an avid collector of vintage paperback books. In addition to his regular English classes, he teaches a class in Comics at Binghamton, and also teaches literature at a maximum security prison.

The Times crossword puzzles, arguably the most respected and noted daily crossword puzzles ever, first appeared in the February 15, 1942 Sunday edition. The puzzle was an immediate hit, and world circumstances played a role. rex crossword puzzles The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor had just occurred two months prior, and a Times editor felt that the puzzle would help to occupy readers who no doubt had their concerns about events elsewhere, not to mention the frequent power blackouts which were mandatory during the early stages of World War II. The editor guessed, and correctly, that the crossword puzzles would serve as a much needed diversion. Rex crossword puzzles It was 1950, however, before the puzzle became a daily feature.

The popularity of the puzzle, especially the Sunday edition, has grown over the decades. It has long been considered the most prestigious of the many widely circulated daily puzzles, and has attracted almost a fanatical following. Rex crossword puzzles with a circulation of nearly a million copies sold per day and more than a quarter million more each Sunday, the Times has the third largest circulation in the United States.

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